2014 Tournament Rankings

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The Unofficial Tournament Rankings

Last tournament rankings update before the committee comes out with the official rankings.  There is one three-way tie between Charter, Caesar Rodney and Tower Hill (2.133 point index) for 6th, 7th and 8th place respectively.  Since all three teams did play each other, the committee should go head-to-head to break the tie.  Charter beat both Caesar Rodney and Tower Hill, while Caesar Rodney lost to both - expect for Charter to end up in 6th place, with Tower Hill 7th and Caesar Rodney rounding out the tournament field in 8th.


Updated for all games up to 5/14.

Notes On Tournament Rankings:

The ranking number for each school is found using the DIAA formula and is a combination of a school's win-loss record and their strength of schedule.

**Regarding strength of schedule - how a team's opponents do influences a team's tournament ranking number. For example, if Team A plays Team B who is undefeated, even if Team A loses, they gain "extra points." A team's "extra points" is added to their win/loss record, giving them their tournament ranking.

To help me out, you may report any scores that you know of (both in-state and out-of-state) by either sending me an email, using the contact form at the bottom of this page, or sending me a tweet. This is especially helpful for any out-of-state teams or games that are late being reported.

**Assuming I have all out of state team's records correct, here is your top 8

#SchoolTournament Ranking
1Cape Henlopen 2.6
2Archmere 2.533333333
3Polytech 2.357142857
5Ursuline 2.142857143
6Charter 2.133333333
7Tower Hill 2.133333333
8Caesar Rodney2.133333333
9Friends 2
10Sussex Tech1.933333333
12St. Mark's1.933333333
13St. Andrew's 1.866666667
14Concord 1.8
15Dover 1.666666667
16St. Thomas More1.6
17A.I. duPont1.466666667
21Mt. Pleasant1.4
23Red Lion1.2

4 comments on "2014 Tournament Rankings"
  1. I thought the formula was: win vs .701 = 4 pointes, win vs .501 = 3 points, win .500 or less 2 points, loss vs .701 = 2 points, loss vs .501 = 1 point, loss .500 or less = 0 points. Please clarify your formula.

    1. That's exactly it, I just tried to explain up top how strength of schedule works for those who don't know. But I only use the formula that the tournament committee uses, so as long as I have all of the out-of-state teams records correct, then by next Wednesday mine should match with theirs when the "official" ranking comes out from the committee.

      But what you have is exactly right - 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 for a loss, in addition to gaining 2 points for opponents over .701 and 1 for opponents over .501. The total points is then divided by number of games played to get a team's tournament number. Hope that clears it up!

    2. any specifics on the out outcome from the SAS v Friends game last week that went to overtime? SAS scored first and the game should have ended then. Why did the officials continue play? Friends ended up winning by 2 goals. Make no sense. Poly has won 2 games in sudden death OT, Cape has lost 3 in sudden death OT.

    3. I'm still trying to figure that one out myself. My understanding is that overtime is sudden death with the team that scores first the winner. Only in the state tournament should teams play out the entire six minutes of overtime. As you stated, other games have ended on sudden death - I've even seen a few this season. As I tweeted that day, I wasn't sure why the overtime wasn't sudden death and according to the person that I spoke with, St. Andrew's scored first in sudden death and should have theoretically won that game. Last I heard it's been brought to DIAA to be reviewed - I would think that by going by the rules, the outcome should be overturned and the win given to St. Andrew's. Why that was even allowed to happen in the first place should probably be something that also needs to be looked at...