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Player Stats

Top goal scorers in the state, along with assists and total points

**Final player stats for the 2014 season!

UPDATED:  5/29

Updated player stats for all games up to 5/28, including first round, semi-final and the state championship tournament games.  

Your Top 8 Teams:

1) Cape Henlopen (10-5)
2) Archmere (13-2)
3) Polytech (11-3)
4) Caravel (14-1)
5) Ursuline (10-4)
6) Charter (13-2)
7) Tower Hill (10-5)
8) Caesar Rodney (9-6)

First Round Schedule:
#8 Caesar Rodney @ #1 Cape Henlopen 7pm Saturday
#5 Ursuline @ #4 Caravel 1pm Saturday

#7 Tower Hill @ #2 Archmere 10:30am Saturday
#6 Charter @ #3 Polytech 4:30pm Saturday

Winner of Cape/CR plays winner of Caravel/Ursuline on Tuesday, location TBD
Winner of Archmere/Tower plays winner of Poly/Charter, location TBD

Some numbers...

#SchoolWinsLossesGoals ForGoals AllowedGoal Dif.
1Cape Henlopen 105223103120
2Archmere 13220312182
3Polytech 11318712166
5Ursuline 10418612561
7Tower Hill10518315528
8Caesar Rodney961891881

The Tournament Field vs The Tournament Field

#SchoolWinsLossesGoals ForGoals AllowedGoal Dif
1Cape Henlopen 50832657
2Archmere 41605010
3Polytech 133952-13
5Ursuline 134257-15
7Tower Hill134144-3
8Caesar Rodney2565126-61

Two newcomers to the tournament this year, Caravel and Caesar Rodney.  It's the first tournament appearance for Caravel since their program started in 2011 and the first appearance for Caesar Rodney since 2008.  Interestingly enough, Caesar Rodney is also the only team to have played all 7 of the other teams in the tournament during the regular season.

The Unofficial Tournament Rankings

Last tournament rankings update before the committee comes out with the official rankings.  There is one three-way tie between Charter, Caesar Rodney and Tower Hill (2.133 point index) for 6th, 7th and 8th place respectively.  Since all three teams did play each other, the committee should go head-to-head to break the tie.  Charter beat both Caesar Rodney and Tower Hill, while Caesar Rodney lost to both - expect for Charter to end up in 6th place, with Tower Hill 7th and Caesar Rodney rounding out the tournament field in 8th.


Updated for all games up to 5/14.