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Your Top 10 Teams:

#SchoolTournament Ranking
1Cape Henlopen 3.909090909
2Polytech 2.571428571
4St. Mark's2.4
5Tower Hill 2.357142857
7Friends 2.133333333
8Ursuline 2.133333333
10Caesar Rodney 2

First Round Results:

Ursuline (# 8) - 15
Middletown (# 9) - 9

Friends (# 7) - 12
Caesar Rodney (# 10) - 10

Tuesday's Quarterfinals Schedule:

#8 Ursuline @ #1 Cape Henlopen 7pm
#5 Charter @ #4 Tower Hill 5pm
#7 Friends @ #2 Polytech 7pm
#6 Caravel @ #3 St. Mark's 5pm

Some Numbers....

#SchoolWinsLossesGoals ForGoals AgainstDifferential
1Cape Henlopen 114221119+102
2Polytech 13124896+152
3St. Mark's114176110+66
4Tower Hill 113186114+72
7Friends 105206164+42
8Ursuline 114212123+89
10Caesar Rodney 69174218-44

The Tournament Field vs The Tournament Field

#SchoolWinsLossesGoals ForGoals AgainstDifferential
1Cape Henlopen 508030+50
2Polytech 418059+21
3St. Mark's437066+4
4Tower Hill 426764+3
7Friends 246472-8
8Ursuline 236359+4
10Caesar Rodney 1777147-70

Based on everything that I have, this is what the 2015 state tournament rankings should look like.  The committee just came out with their rankings, and everything that I have matches up except I have that #4 and #5 should be flipped.  I've crunched numbers and I do not know how the committee came up with Tower Hill in 4th and Charter in 5th - Charter does not have any out-of-state opponents that would be affecting their point index that would bring them down to the 5th seed, and of Tower Hill's two out-of-state opponents listed on their schedule, Worcester Prep (12-2) gave them 2 extra points, while the Hill School (8-7) gave them 1.  There's absolutely nothing that I can find that would make these two teams flip flop, so I'm not sure what happened when the committee got together this evening.

#SchoolTournament Ranking
1Cape Henlopen 3.909090909
2Polytech 2.571428571
3St. Mark's2.333333333
5Tower Hill 2.266666667
7Friends 2.133333333
8Ursuline 2.133333333
10Caesar Rodney 2
11Concord 1.933333333
12Sussex Tech1.933333333
13Archmere 1.933333333
14Dover 1.866666667
15St. Andrew's 1.8
16Mt. Pleasant1.666666667
18A.I. duPont1.6
25St. Thomas More1.133333333
26Red Lion1

Here is the rankings, per the committee.  Again, the only difference from the rankings above is that they have #4 and #5 flip-flopped.  

The Unofficial Tournament Rankings

UPDATED: 5/13 (all games up to 5/12) Last update before the final rankings of the season!

As a reminder: while these are unofficial rankings, teams tournament point index is found using the DIAA formula and includes the records of out-of-state teams for strength of schedule.  The rankings found down below are the projected rankings based on games played to date, and will change every day up until the season is completed on 5/13.

New this year - the top 10 teams will make the state tournament, with 1-6 receiving a bye the first round.

Notes On Tournament Rankings:

The ranking number for each school is found using the DIAA formula and is a combination of a school's win-loss record and their strength of schedule.

**Regarding strength of schedule - how a team's opponents do influences a team's tournament ranking number. For example, if Team A plays Team B who is undefeated, even if Team A loses, they gain "extra points." A team's "extra points" is added to their win/loss record, giving them their tournament ranking.

#SchoolTournament Ranking
1Cape Henlopen 3.818181818
2Charter 2.571428571
3Polytech 2.571428571
4Tower Hill 2.384615385
6St. Mark's2.333333333
7Friends 2.214285714
9Ursuline 2.066666667
10Caesar Rodney 2
11Concord 2
12Sussex Tech1.928571429
13Archmere 1.866666667
14Dover 1.8
15St. Andrew's 1.785714286
16Mt. Pleasant1.714285714
18A.I. duPont1.666666667
25St. Thomas More1.066666667
26Red Lion1

Even though the regular season only has a week remaining, I wanted to give some clarification on exactly how the player stats are compiled for those that are new to the blog this year and why I number the total points the way that I do.

First, every single player stat is taken from what the coaches enter on websites4sports.  If a coach chose not to enter score information for whatever reason on the website then I do not have that information to enter into my spreadsheet.

Points Breakdown & What Constitutes as an Assist?

You may have noticed that on the player stats page on the total points table that the goals a player scores are weighted more than the assists. This is not done because one is valued more than the other, but to account for differences in how coaches and their scorekeepers award assists on their team.

For the bookkeeper, recording who scored the goal is easy - whoever shot the ball when their team scored is credited with the goal. Knowing when, and who to award an assist to however is not as easy as just awarding the assist to whoever passed the ball to the shooter. According to the statistics guide put out by US Lacrosse, an assist should only be awarded if there was a conscious effort on the part of the passer to find an open player for a shot or to help a player work free for a shot. Most importantly, an assist should not be credited on a play when the goal scorer dodges a defensive player after receiving the pass before shooting unless, in the opinion of the statistician, it was the pass itself and not the dodge that led directly to the shot.

Guidelines for assists from the US Lacrosse Stat Guide

Video examples of true assists in women's lacrosse:

In this example, blue #26 feeds the ball inside of the arc to #18 who immediately shoots.  Because #18 did not have to maneuver around any excessive defensive pressure blue #26 should be credited with the assist.

In this example, blue #18 passes to her teammate who immediately sends it right back to #18 who then shoots and scores, Because the shooter did not have to dodge any defenders before she shot, the assist would be credited to her teammate in this scenario.

NO assist may be awarded if the shooter had to evade, outrun, or dodge any defensive pressure before shooting.

In this example, blue #19 receives a pass (off-screen) above the 12-meter fan before driving to goal.  The player that passed to the goal scorer in this scenario should not be credited with the assist, as blue #19 had to dodge 3 defenders before she shot and scored.

In this last example, black #21 passes the ball to black #1, who then drives hard to goal.  In the process, she has to dodge at least 1 white defender before she gets her shot off and scores.  In this scenario, #21 would not be credited with the assist.

Other statistical clarifications found in the stat guide:

  • Overtime 
    • The first overtime period is six minutes in length and is divided in two halves of three minutes each.  Play continues for the duration of the six minutes, stopped clock overtime period, stopping halfway to switch sides.  
      • This entire six minutes is considered one overtime period.
    •  Each subsequent OT period is three minutes in length and is now sudden-victory.
    • The first six-minute period is one overtime; each three-minute period following is another period so that a regulation OT game is listed as 1OT. The first sudden-victory period is 2OT (not 3OT), etc. 
  • Statistical Formulas - used when reporting certain stats such as goalie save percentage or a teams shooting average, etc.
    • Shooting Accuracy = Total Goals / Total Shots 
    • Goalie Save Percentage = Number of Saves / Number of Saves + Number of Goals 
    • Scoring Average (offensive) = Number of Goals x 50 / Total Number of Minutes Played
    • Scoring Defense = Number of Goals Allowed x 50 / Total Number of Minutes Played 

Player Stats

Top goal scorers in the state, along with assists and total points

UPDATED:  3/15/16

Updated player stats for all games in the 2015 season.

Independent Conference

Friends (11-4) - Friends had what was quite possibly their best season in school history in 2014. New head coach Jessica Franklin led the Quakers to their first winning season since 2009 after three consecutive seasons of a 6-9 record, and yet came up one spot shy of making their first appearance in the state tournament since 2009.

The Quakers almost ambushed four tournament teams last year, losing by only one goal to Ursuline, Polytech, and Tower Hill (the second time the two teams met), and two goals to Archmere. 2014's squad was very young however, and Friends only graduated one senior from last year's team. Three seniors who all averaged over 40 goals for the season return - Brooke Winfield (51G, 15A), Meryl Gatti (47G, 15A), and Margo Tschantz (46G, 14A). Other key returnees include senior Molly Harper (26G, 15A), and sophomores Blair Atkins (15G, 6A), and Simone Veale (11G, 11A). Junior Demetria Ruhl returns in goal.

2015's squad is laden with experience after returning virtually their entire roster from last season, and with the expansion of the state tournament to a field of 10 teams this year the Quakers looked poised to make their first return to the tournament in six years.

Sanford (3-12) - Sanford has struggled over the years competing in the competitive independent conference; since 2005, the Warriors have only amounted two winning seasons and have compiled a 48-77 record over the last decade. Sanford chooses to play a pretty competitive out-of-conference schedule however, which isn't doing them any favors in the wins department. In addition to having to play all of the independent conference teams twice, in 2014 Sanford also played Caesar Rodney, Archmere, and Caravel - all of whom were tournament teams last year.

The Warriors graduated their leading goal scorer along with their goalie from last season, but bring back seniors Kelsey Mendell (16G, 1A) and Saskia Bollen (11G, 7A), and sophomore Kimberly Riodan (15G, 1A).

St. Andrew's (7-7) - St. Andrew's had an uncharacteristic year for their girls lacrosse team in 2014, resulting in the Cardinals not qualifying for the state tournament for the first time since Delaware started holding a tournament in girl's lacrosse in 1998. Coincidently, last year the girls soccer program at St. Andrew's transitioned over from playing in the fall, to playing their season in the spring along with all of the other girls soccer programs in the state.

Seven seniors graduated from last year's team, including their two highest goal scorers from last year's team, Alyse Saliba (63G, 28A) and Sara Coyne (26G, 6A). Together the two combined to score half of all of the team's goals in 2014.

Senior Elizabeth Wainwright (25G, 12A) should help generate the offense this year, along with juniors Louisa Belk (15G, 4A) and Neely Egan (10G, 4A). Senior Hallie Fausey should earn the starting goalkeeping spot.

Tatnall (6-9) - After three consecutive seasons of going 8-7, Tatnall stumbled a little in 2014. The hornets only lost one senior from 2013, but felt the stung immensely when their two highest goal scorers chose not to play their senior year. Consequently, their offense produced 71 less goals in 2014 than in 2013, while their defense allowed in 12 more.

This year Tatnall once again lost two underclassmen as well as five seniors to graduation - five of whom were responsible for 57 percent of the team's offensive output last season. The hornets do return their highest goal scorer from 2014 however, in senior Margaret Crivelli (55G, 10A). Senior Christina Morgan takes over the goalkeeping duties.

Tower Hill (10-6) - 2014 featured a much younger Tower Hill than the team that reached the state finals in 2013. The Hillers dropped an uncharacteristic five losses in the regular season in 2014 before finding themselves seeded seventh in the tournament -the lowest ranking their team has ever seen in the 16 year history of the state tournament.

This year Tower Hill returns all but two of its starters, many of whom have seen time on the field since they were freshmen. Seniors Sawyer Chilton (39G, 16A), Emma Lynch (22G, 7A), and Madeline Schwartz (12G, 2A) return in the midfield and attack, along with juniors Kiva Walsh (38G, 10A) and Abigail Manning (28G, 18A). Senior Jacqueline Siegfried and sophomore Louise Conaty should anchor the defense.

Catholic Conference

St. Mark's (7-8) - After losing workhorse and current John Hopkins women's lacrosse player Haley Schweizer to graduation in 2013, by all means St. Mark's should have struggled a bit more than they did in 2014. The Spartans even improved on their disappointing 5-10 2013 record, however inconsistency struck hard on Spartan hill last season. St. Mark's fell just one game short of making their first trip back to the state tournament since 2012 - a haunting statement to their seniors when you consider their one and three goal losses to Tower Hill and St. Andrew's.

This year St. Mark's has six seniors to replace, but the rebuilding shouldn't be as difficult as it has the past two seasons. Seniors Madelyn Baker (20G, 12A) should be the nucleus on attack, with seniors Alyssa Simmons (22G, 2A) and Emily Evans providing the experience in the midfield. Sophomore Katharine Giannaras returns in the cage after starting her freshmen season. The Spartans also gain a fresh new face in freshmen Kendra Schweizer, whose older sisters Courtney, Taren and Haley have all gone on to play Division 1 lacrosse after making a name for themselves here in Delaware. The last of the Schweizer sisters to make her way through St. Mark's, she should certainly be a player to watch this year and in the years to come.

Ursuline (11-5) - Ursuline has always been a big name in girls lacrosse in Delaware, but it wasn't until the 2013 season that the Raiders were able to overcome their first round jitters (four tournament appearances from 2008-2012) and make it into the semi-finals. One year after the number five seed Ursuline shocked Polytech on their own field by a one goal differential, they did it again - this time in overtime to the number four seed Caravel.

The Raiders lost six seniors from last year's squad, but bring back a copious amount of underclassmen who all saw time on the field under Coach Feffie Barnhill last year. Plenty of firepower returns in the midfield with seniors Madeline Hughes (32G, 12A) and Emily Blaskow (12G, 5A), along with sophomore Erin O'Doherty (25G, 5A). Juniors Delaney Vorwick and Nina Budischak bring experience to the defense, while junior Erin Davis (who did a fine job stepping into her predecessor's shoes last year) returns between the pipes as the goalkeeper.

Padua - Padua is fielding a varsity team for the first time this season after spending one year as JV team - the Pandas had a whopping 43 girls on their roster last year!

Diamond State

Archmere (14-3) - Archmere was flying high in 2014 - the Auks achieved their best regular season record to date after finishing 13-2, earning them the number two seed in the state tournament and their third consecutive appearance in the semi-finals. Five seniors however graduated from last year's record breaking team, and coach Caitlin Kelley has moved on to US Lacrosse, where she was hired as the Women's Game Manager. Taking over the reins of the program now is first year head coach Allison Kern, a recent graduate of Wilmington University where she played div. II lacrosse and the current director of the Victory Women's Lacrosse Club.

Although Archmere has a big hole to replace after graduating the team's highest goal scorers, Katelyn Payne (62G, 14A) and Amanda Olsen (54G, 9A), new coach Allison Kern inherits a core group of underclassmen from last year's squad. A handful of juniors who have all seen time on the field since their freshmen year are all back - Kennedy Murphy (34G, 2A) leads the midfield, while Presley Conaty (33G, 8A) and sophmore Julia Collins (16G, 3A) are back on the attack. On defense, senior goalie Kelley Lucey returns along with defender Sarah Bunting.

St. Thomas More (5-9) - St. Thomas More returns nine starters from last year, including their leading goal scorer junior Joanna Petrosky (27G, 6A). Dispute returning back almost their entire team from 2014, new head coach Kirsten Ward will have her work cut out for her - the Ravens play a very difficult schedule with games against Caravel, Polytech, Sts. Peter & Paul (MD), Caesar Rodney, Ursuline, Sussex Tech and Archmere.


Caravel (14-2) - Caravel had another record breaking year in 2014. New head coach Carolyn Thompson lead the Buccaneers to a regular season 14-1 record and their first ever birth into the state tournament before falling the first round in overtime to Ursuline. The team's offense scored a state high of 297 goals, and their defense only allowed in 97! Caravel's relatively weak strength of schedule however meant that they outscored their opponents by more than 11 goals in all but one of their regular season games.

The Buccaneers lost six players to graduation last June, but still retain their top four goal scorers. Sophomore Olivia Duarte (73G, 48A), a starter since her eighth grade year will once again lead the midfield, joining her is fellow sophomore Lauren Phillips (65G, 33A) and senior Isabel Orticelle (31G, 7A). Senior Abigail Reid (72G, 37A) should help bring experience on the attack. Junior goalkeeper Hannah Seamans is back for her third year between the pipes.

Red Lion (5-10) - Red Lion improved in 2014, winning two more games than they did in 2013 while scoring 15 more goals on attack and letting in less goals on defense. 2015 should allow for even more progress as the Lions only lost two seniors to graduation. Leading goal scorer senior Miriam Fieger (19G) will be key for the attack, along with fellow senior Sydney Revell (6G) and junior Morgan Holt (9G).  Taking over the coaching duties is new coach Becky Reed.

-The last two parts of the season previews should be up within the next couple of days.  

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-As a reminder, there are usually multiple games going on in a day and I can only share information on game scores as they are given to me. Sending me tweets or a DM on twitter of score updates during a game, or the final score after the game is over helps me tremendously.  This is especially helpful later on when tournament rankings start to take shape.


Caesar Rodney (9-7) - CR started off on a rocky start in 2014, opening up the season with Cape Henlopen and Charter (the two teams combined for a score of 37-3 against the Riders), but went on a run towards the end of the season with crucial back-to-back wins against Polytech and Ursuline. That, along with their strong strength the schedule propelled Caesar Rodney into the last spot of the state tournament for the first time since 2008.

Despite losing 5 seniors, CR brings back a duo of offensive firepower in leading goal scorers Kourtney Olsen (66G, 14A) and Delaney Steele (58G, 17A) - the two juniors combined for 124 of their team's 195 goals. Junior Jenna Rigby (12G, 9A) returns in the midfield, along with fellow junior Maegan Stewart (10G, 4A). On defense junior Madeleine Card returns along with senior Amber Pearson. Caesar Rodney also returns one of their strongest assets from 2014 in 2nd team all-state junior goalkeeper Kaitlyn Longest.

Cape Henlopen (13-5) - The last time that the Cape Henlopen Vikings collected five losses in a single season was back in 2007 when they were still being coached by Gretchen Wyshock, and before Cape started to go on their state championship run. The very next year lacrosse guru PJ Kesmodel took over the program and one short year later a dynasty was born.

All five of their losses in 2014 came from out of state opponents, including a 11-12 overtime loss to a nationally ranked top 10 Bishop Ireton (VA), who later went on to clinch both the VISAA and WCAC titles in Virginia. In two separate 2015 pre-season polls, Bishop was ranked #4 in the nation in the Nike/LM High School Girls' Top 25 and #3 in the nation by USA Today. The two teams will meet up again in Cardinal territory on Saturday, May 2nd for what should surely be another exciting game.

The Vikings graduated 8 seniors from 2014, including 1st Team All-staters and US Lacrosse All-Americans Allie Yeager (44G, 43A) and Katherine Judge (30G, 14A - Player of the Year), draw specialist Karalyn Joseph (26G, 14A), and Maggie Delp (1A) and Riley Wagner on defense. Although the defending state champions graduated some crucial pieces on both sides of the field, it returns it's leading goal scorer in senior attacker Sarah Tappan (62G, 27A), along with fellow senior attackers Jordan Brown (37G, 3A) and Alexa Woodruff (23 G, 18A). In the midfield juniors Lizzie Frederick (15 G, 12A) and Tess Bernheimer (11G, 4A) along with sophomore Cailey Thornburg should contribute considerably again, while 1st team all-stater Taylor Gooch and fellow senior Coryn Cannon will anchor the defense. Their stalwart goalkeeper, Samantha Broadhurst (1st team all-state) is back between the pipes for her fourth and final year. In addition two familiar last names return in freshmen Katie Frederick, younger sister to Lizzie ('16) and Anna ('13, Temple) and Annie Judge, younger sister to the 2014 player of the year and recent Cape grad Katherine Judge.

The quest for lucky number seven kicks off in exactly five days, when the visiting Parkside Rams (MD) come into town.

Dover (8-7) - The Dover Senators look drastically different this year, losing ten seniors from 2014's squad - six of which were responsible for producing 57% of the team's 176 goals. In addition, a new face can be found on the sideline in first year head coach Emily Peets. Peets, who hails from Pittsford, New York was a member of Delaware State University's inaugural women's lacrosse team in 2013.

This year's team is particularly young, with defender Natalie Glascock the only senior remaining on the roster. Seventeen juniors however make up the bulk of the Senators roster - Ave Burleigh (6G, 1A) and Rachel Mills (3G, 2A), along with sophomore Mira Prisco will anchor the team's attack. Junior Catherine Schoepp looks to be the new keeper.

Polytech (11-4) - Polytech reached the state tournament for a second straight year in 2014, and on paper looked poised to win their first ever tournament game only to suffer another home field heart breaker to the eventual runner ups Charter School of Wilmington. In 2014 the Panthers had to replace six starters from graduation, this year however Polytech returns with most of its lineup still intact.

Poly returns a strong class of midfielders, spearheaded by the second highest goal scorer in the state from last year, junior Jamie Trabaudo. The future UNC lacrosse player scored in every single game of the season last year, and in both of their upset losses to CR and Charter at the end of last season, Trabaudo was kept to only 3 goals. Joining her in the midfield is fellow junior Alison McKay (45G, 13A) along with senior Rachel Slater (17G, 4A). At attack, Kathryn Richardson (19G, 22A) is back along with Rebecca Shirey (5G, 1A). Junior defender Kaitlin Bergold will hold down the fort on defense, while Lauren Lee should be taking on the full-time job of goalkeeper after splitting time in the net with the graduated Taylor Lyon last season.

From attack to defense, the Panthers are loaded.

Smyrna (7-7) - Smyrna achieved a respectable 7-7 record for their first year as a varsity program in 2014, and return virtually all of their starting line-up in 2015. The Eagles lost their leading goal scorer in Nia Wright (25G, 3A) to graduation, but retain a slew of juniors who can get the job done in her place. The midfield will feature Madeline Price (22G, 1A) and Shabnam Noroozi Poova (17G, 2A), while Alison Sayers (11G, 3A) and Allison Wheatley (16G, 4A) will team up on attack.

Sussex Tech (7-8) - After losing 8 seniors in 2013, what should have been a rebuilding year for the Ravens, Sussex Tech rebounded back after a rocky start to the season and came within two places of making the state tournament for the fourth straight year. Graduation left holes in all three lines and in the cage as well, but a strong foundation still remains in 2015. Seniors Torrie Huk (20G, 6A) and Emma Spellman (13G, 6A) along with junior Lexus Purnell (3G, 3A) return on attack and in the midfield. Senior Hannah Collins who saw time last year should return back on the defensive end. She'll have a new goalie guarding the net behind her though, as the old keeper Taschiana Gibbs-Hughes was lost to graduation.

Here is the list I've been working on of all Delaware players from graduation years 2011-2014 who are currently still playing in college.  All of the players listed down below have been verified by me and are presently listed on their team's roster.

**This list is a work in progress - if you know of a player who is currently active on a college roster, send me an email with their name and a link to their roster.  

Some Fun Facts:
  • There are currently 70 players total representing the state of Delaware at 54 different colleges.
  • The graduation year with the most players that moved on to playing in college is 2013, with 24 players. After that is 2011 with 18, 2014 with 15, and 2012 with 12 players.
  • Of the 70 players, 36 are at Division 3 schools, followed by 23 at Division 1, and 11 at Division 2 schools.

List of All College Players

High School
Year Graduated
1 Payne, Kate Archmere Academy Saint Joseph's 2014
1 Judge, Katherine Cape Henlopen Winthrop 2014
1 Yeager, Allie Cape Henlopen Winthrop 2014
1 Lamey, Morgan Charter School of Wilm. Saint Joseph's 2014
1 Henry, Elizabeth DE Military Academy Saint Francis 2014
2 Daniels, Rachel DE Military Academy Chestnut Hill 2014
3 Marvel, Mckenzie Appoquinimink Wesley 2014
3 Olsen, Amanda Archmere Academy RIT 2014
3 Northam, Jennifer Caesar Rodney Shenandoah 2014
3 Lackey, Graeleigh Dover Delaware Valley 2014
3 Wright, Nyi Smyrna Wesley 2014
3 Saliba, Aly St. Andrew's  Franklin & Marshall 2014
3 Cataldo, Samantha St. Mark's Frostburg State 2014
3 Moran, Morgen St. Mark's Washington College 2014
3 Downing, Grayton Wilmington Friends Haverford 2014
1 Rath, Charlotte Archmere Academy Lafayette 2013
1 Henjes, Leigh Archmere Academy Massachusetts 2013
1 Card, Megan Caesar Rodney Delaware State 2013
1 McCombs, Nicole Caesar Rodney Delaware State 2013
1 Frederick, Anna Cape Henlopen Temple 2013
1 Frank, Asiyah Sanford School Howard 2013
1 Cammerzell, Helen St. Andrew's Duke 2013
1 Schweizer, Haley St. Mark's Johns Hopkins 2013
1 McCoy, Sophia Tower Hill North Carolina 2013
1 Cobb, Meghan Tower Hill Vermont 2013
1 Abram, Mary Ursuline University of Delaware 2013
2 Kirkley, Rebekah Brandywine SCAD 2013
2 Thompson, Katherine Middletown Newberry 2013
2 Cannon, Kellen Sussex Tech Bloomsburg 2013
2 Delrosario, Franchesca Sussex Tech McKendree 2013
3 Perugini, Allison Appoquinimink Wesley 2013
3 Turner, Devon Appoquinimink Wesley 2013
3 Lazzeri, Rebecca Dover Virginia Wesleyan 2013
3 Stang, Adelaide Polytech Elizabethtown 2013
3 Bove, Rebecca Red Lion Christian Shenandoah 2013
3 Williams, Morgan Sanford School Ohio Wesleyan 2013
3 Oates, Joanie St. Andrew's Bates 2013
3 DeLillio, Kathryn Tower Hill Trinity (CT) 2013
3 Chodos, Jenna Tower Hill Williams 2013
1 Andrews, Elyse Archmere Academy University of Delaware 2012
1 Hawkins, Miranda Caesar Rodney Delaware State 2012
1 Armiger, Catharine  St. Mark's Campbell 2012
1 Schweizer, Taryn St. Mark's Monmouth 2012
2 Grange, Abigail Middletown Queens (NC) 2012
2 Labovich, Nina St. Andrew's Wesleyan 2012
2 Cowan, Hannah Ursuline West Chester 2012
3 Piser, Stephanie Appoquinimink Misericordia 2012
3 Oybkhan, Hannah Caravel Academy Sweet Briar 2012
3 Dossantos, Andrea Middletown Rosemont 2012
3 Bove, Allison Red Lion Christian York 2012
3 Saliba, Grace St. Andrew's Franklin & Marshall 2012
3 Belk, Molly St. Andrew's Williams 2012
1 Bartley, Meg Cape Henlopen Virginia Tech 2011
1 Harris, Sierra Concord Delaware State 2011
1 Noonan, Austin Ursuline Boston University 2011
2 Cathcart, Amanda Concord Georgian Court 2011
2 Miller, Abby Indian River Queens (NC) 2011
2 Roach, Christina St. Mark's Chestnut Hill 2011
3 Conley, Alysha Caesar Rodney Lycoming 2011
3 Williams, Carla Caesar Rodney Virginia Wesleyan 2011
3 Palombo, Corinne  Charter School of Wilm. Lebanon Valley College 2011
3 Hennessy, Paige Dover Bridgewater 2011
3 Beres, Madison St. Andrew’s  Hamilton 2011
3 Gahagan, Amanda St. Andrew's Babson 2011
3 Bonvetti, Samantha St. Mark's Immaculata 2011
3 Hall, Nia St. Thomas Moore Rosemont 2011
3 Sanders, Emily Sussex Central Neumann 2011
3 Reichard, Samantha Tower Hill Swarthmore 2011
3 DiGate, Kali Tower Hill Tufts 2011
3 Norris, Alissa Ursuline  Catholic 2011