2016 Tournament Rankings

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The Unofficial Tournament Rankings For The 2016 Season

As a reminder: while these are unofficial rankings, teams tournament point index is found using the DIAA formula and includes the records of out-of-state teams for strength of schedule.  

Notes On Tournament Rankings:

The ranking number for each school is found using the DIAA formula and is a combination of a school's win-loss record and their strength of schedule.

**Regarding strength of schedule - how a team's opponents do influences a team's tournament ranking number. For example, if Team A plays Team B who is undefeated, even if Team A loses, they gain "extra points." A team's "extra points" is added to their win/loss record, giving them their tournament ranking.

**Per my calculations:

#SchoolTournament Ranking
1Cape Henlopen1.43333
3Tower Hill1.266667
7Caesar Rodney1.133333
9St. Andrew's1.066667

Charter and Caravel are tied for the 4th place, going by the DIAA tiebreaker rules Charter receives home field and 4th place when comparing common opponents.  
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